I’d like to thank all my wonderful friends off- and online for their support, advice, encouragement and occasional swift kick up my backside.

Special thanks go to the wonderful Mlle. Amandine de Villeneuve, whose amazing art has been an endless source of inspiration for me and whose friendship is invaluable. The same is true for my main editor, Timothy T. Tarbottom.

Thanks a lot to C. for putting up with me and listening to endless monologues about the Royal Navy, the beauty of tall ships and the eroticism of cravats (I know it wasn’t half as interesting as football, and I really appreciate your patience).

A big, rattling applause for Alex Beecroft for editing “Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (deceased)” and doing such a wonderful job on the blurbs for my books. If it wasn’t for her, they would say “nice book, buy it”.

Much love for my fellow aficionados of the Royal Navy’s history in the 18th and early 19th century, who provided me with links, book tips, information and enthusiasm.

A big “thank you” has to go to those authors whose books were not only history-resources, but also a pleasure to read. I’d like to mention here Max Adams’ “Admiral Collingwood – Nelson’s Own Hero”, N.A.M. Rodger’s “The Wooden World” and “The Command Of The Ocean”, Adam Nicolson’s “Men Of Honour” and Tom Wareham’s “Frigate Commander”.

Last but not least, I have to thank Thomas, James and Sebastian for their entertaining company.


All illustrations for my books were done by Mlle. Amandine de Villeneuve, all (c) with her.