Dear reader

The paths of Miss Emma Collingwood and talented French artist Mlle Amandine de Villeneuve first crossed in the second half of the 18th century. Despite their different cultural backgrounds the two ladies immediately formed a strong bond of friendship, based on mutual trust, sympathy and a shared fondness of cravats, ginger and Sir Joshua Reynolds. And the uniforms of the Royal Navy. And ships. But that goes without saying.

The first book combining the talents of Miss Emma Collingwood and Mlle Amandine de Villeneuve, “Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (deceased)”, is a Georgian Royal Navy ghost story featuring a cursed ship, a vengeful ghost, a haunted captain and a very daring lieutenant. Said daring lieutenant is in love with his captain, so heaving bosoms will not make any appearances in this tale. It is a matter of the heart – but a heart of oak…

We’d also like to recommend to your kind attention the latest book by Miss Collingwood – “The Radiant Boy”, a collection of four ghost stories set in the Age of Sail, again illustrated by Mlle de Villeneuve. A “must have” – not only for friends of the Age of Sail, but also for everybody who appreciates old-fashioned spooky stories.

If you, dear reader, should find as much enjoyment in Miss Collingwood’s writing and Mlle de Villeneuve’s illustrations as the two ladies found in creating their art, their goal has been achieved. They hope to entertain – and we to sell books. If you buy their books, the world will be a much happier place to live in.

Especially for us.

With the expression of our greatest respect,

Timothy T. Tarbottom, Esq.

Miss Collingwood is currently residing in the first house on the right and, being a completely fictional character, she’s not related to any other Collingwoods.


2011: “The Radiant Boy”
2009: “I Do” – Anthology, short story “Semi-detached”
2007: “Lt. Samuel Blackwood (deceased)”