New Freebie: In Honour of Admiral Collingwood’s Birthday: Download “Last Service”!

While this freebie would be just as suited for Trafalgar Day, I decided to upload “Last Service” now – it’s Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood’s 264th birthday, and this is a tale I’ve written in his honour, after all!

Collingwood, Nelson and the Victory in one story – I hope this will be a worthy treat for my fellow Age of Sail aficionados out there. Enjoy!

LAST SERVICE (*.pdf download)

by Emma Collingwood
Illustrations by Amandine de Villeneuve

“Last Service” is an excerpt from the book

Four Ghost Stories from the Age of Sail

At the annual meeting of the “Young Bucks Club”, four officers serving in the Royal Navy during the Age of Sail share ghostly naval tales:

“The Radiant Boy”
“Crawford’s Casket”
“The Last Journey of HMS Dover
“Last Service”

The second book in Emma Collingwood’s and Amandine de Villeneuve’s “Penny, Dreadful and Tarbottom”-series, “The Radiant Boy” is an eerie and touching tribute to the classic English ghost story and the Royal Navy.

Text: Emma Collingwood
Ten colour illustrations by Amandine de Villeneuve
Editor: Timothy T. Tarbottom

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